Product Notices

Our Soap takes a good 4 weeks to fully cure, so you may not get your soap immediately after you order it. We will send out your order as soon as we can, and when your order is confirmed we will let you know an approximate delivery date.

Since our soap is not commercially produced, there will be slight color and shape differences from batch to batch, even though we use the same fine ingredients in each batch of soap made. Our photos are meant to give you a general idea of what the product looks like, but your soap may not be completely identical to the photo shown.  We try to make and cut our soap as uniformly as possible, but because it is not commercially made, there will be variations. Weights will also vary, and the weights stated for each price is a minimum weight for that price, so for example, if you order a 4.5 oz bar you will get a bar that weighs at least 4.5 oz.  Rest assured every bar that you order will be the finest quality.

The information presented about our ingredients, and our products, are for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any physical or emotional condition or to replace the advice or care of a qualified health professional.

While allergic reactions to our pure and natural ingredients are very uncommon, we always recommend that you test our products first on a small patch of skin for at least 24 hours.  In the unlikely event that redness or irritation develops, we recommend that you discontinue use.

Our website is our product catalog.  Please refer to our website for the latest information on our soap products.

Additional information