Bath Sponge




This Ecotools Cellulose Bath Sponge is just perfect for gentle cleansing. It helps create a rich lather when you soap up in the bath.

This sponge is derived from plant pulp so there are no petroleum products, no foam and no plastic used to produce this sponge.  There's no nylon or polyester in this sponge either. It is Earth friendly and even comes with a little rope tie so you can hang it up in you shower.  The packaging is made from recycled materials too!  

Buy one for yourself and for a friend!

Easy to use: All you do is remove it from the package and tie the little rope on it - then just wet the sponge and rub a bar of soap on it, or use liquid soap, to get it soapy. Massage the soapy sponge on your skin in small circular motions to gently cleanse. Then, when you are done, just rinse and squeeze the sponge out and then hang to air dry. Sponges need to get dried out so they do not harbor mold or fungi.

Bath Sponge unwrapped and wrapped

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