Soap Saver

Soap Savers



No more icky puddles of mushy soap in your soap dish!

These Soap Savers are a wonderful invention. They are made of clear plastic and will fit perfectly in your soap dish.  The small ones measure about 2" x 3" oval and the large ones measure 3.25" x 4.75" oval.

Just place the bar of soap on the top of it and your mushy soap days are gone. Soap Savers allow soap to dry out between uses because air is allowed to circulate around the bar. This helps extend the life of your bar of soap because soap needs to be able to air dry between uses, otherwise it will just disintegrate into a mushy mess. 

Buy one for the shower and one for the sink... and don't forget the kitchen sink (where you might have your bar of Coffee Soap!)

  Soap Savers shown with Soap

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