Seaweed Bar

Seaweed Bar



Beneficial botanicals do not only come from the land - but they come from the sea as well. We bring you this lovely soap which contains the sea vegetables Nori (Porphyra Tenera) and Kelp/Japanese Kombu (Laminaria japonica). Sea vegetables have long been used by spas worldwide in caring for the skin. Seaweed has been known to be envigorating and nourishing because of its high sulpher and iodine content along with many other beneficial trace vitamins and minerals. It helps to firm and revitalize, while helping to detoxify and protect the skin. Seaweed is said to aid your skin's metabolism and work to dissolve and eliminate toxins, oxygenate the skin and also improve blood circulation. If used long term, some claim seaweed soap even helps to minimize cellulite and stretch marks. One thing is for sure, the added sea salt in this bar helps to exfoliate the skin and creates a nice hard bar of soap.This is a wonderful bar to add to your bath or spa. Luxuriate in the lather that the oils in this bar produce.   This seaweed bar was formulated with no added fragrances or colorants. Sea the difference!


This bar is also available as part of our Spa Pack and Spa Pack Gift Box.


Ingredients:  Organic Olive Oil , Water, Organic Palm Kernel Oil,  Sodium Hydroxide (not present in final product). Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Aloe Butter, Kelp, Nori, Sea Salt, Essential Oil Blend of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Rosemary.


The Kelp we use is grown in accordance with OCIA Organic Standards for sustainable harvesting and handling. 


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