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 Soap by Judy LLC does wedding, shower, b’nai mitzvot and party favors.  What better way to thank your guests for sharing your happy moments with you then with a lovely soap favor package.  It sure beats giving candy coated almonds or bottles of blowing bubbles. And with so many people on special diets or not able to eat candies, soap makes great favor gifts. Soap favors are unique, practical and long lasting. They can even become part of your guests own home décor when they take them home.  They will be appreciated and serve as a memento for your special day.

We also offer larger 3 oz. bars or hearts which can be monogrammed. Those are perfect to give to out of town guests who are staying over and made to be part of their welcome basket. They are also great gifts for the major participants in your event – like your wedding party.  You can also order these larger bars and place them in the restrooms of your event’s venue. They are welcoming and provide another reminder of your special event.

Favor Bars can be monogrammed or we can design a special label band to go around each bar which can be personalized in a variety of ways. The possibilities are endless.

According to The Wedding Book, giving wedding favors to your guests is a tradition that "serves as a talisman designed to spread the happy couple's good fortune to their guests. When favors bring a moment of joy to the recipient, they have fulfilled their age-old mission."

We can create a very personal and unique way to say "thank you for being there on our special day".

The colors of your soaps and your packaging can be customized to coordinate with those of your wedding theme. Many scenting options are also available.

We can make heart shaped soaps, or bars. We can put them in lovely organza bags with personalized gift tags or wrap bars with bands with personalized and monogrammed designs. The choices are endless, and surprisingly affordable.

I encourage you to contact us and we can discuss the details.


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