Michael's Top Ten

My name is Michael Aron and I am the Chief Testing Officer for Soap By Judy. As the CTO, I take pride in making sure our customers get the best quality soaps we can make. Along the way I've developed my own list of favorites that I would love to share with you. As you go through my list, please keep in mind:

A) This is my personal list of favorites. Your list may be completely different and that's ok. That's why we make over 30 different varieties of soap.

B) Just because I've picked 10 soaps as my favories doesn't mean the rest of Soap By Judy's product line is of any lower quality. I picked 10 because its a manageable number. In truth, I like all of them, but what's the point of a list that includes everthing?


But enough of that. Let's get to my list. Just like the Letterman Top-10 lists this one works its way from #10 to #1.

#10 Honey Bar - This bar, like all others made with sugary ingredients, has a great lather. It's beautiful amber color and cute honeycomb design make it a fun soap to use.

#9 Lavender Tea Tree Bar - This is a great skin cleanser. The tea-tree oil acts as an antiseptic and the subtle lavender fragrance is not overwhelming.

#8 Mechanic's Bar - Whenever I paint or get my hands all greasy, I reach for this bar. It gets everything off and doesn't dry my hands in the process. The orange scent is really pleasant also.

#7 Cedarwood Bar - As a guy, I don't like highly scented soap and this bar has a nice cedar fragrance. It reminds me of those cedar saunas.

#6 Forest Bar - This is another manly scented soap bar. It has a fresh evergreen scent that reminds me of a walk in the woods on a fall day. Of course, it also has a really nice lather.

#5 Shaving Soap - As soon as Soap By Judy started making Shaving Soap, I stopped using commercial canned shaving cream. Using the soap with the mug and brush gives me a warm lather to put on my face. I've never had such close shaves. It takes me back to an earlier time when shaving was a luxury.

#4 Good Doggie Soap - Yes, I have to test all of them and believe it or not, this one has made my top five. It has a great lather and a nice scent. Even my hair dresser remarked about the great condition of my hair. One more side benefit, I haven't had any fleas! To be honest, this soap is too good to be used just for dogs!

#3 Chocolate Almond Bar - Washing with this soap is like bathing in Amaretto. The smell is fantastic and it lathers beautifully. What a luxurious bar!

#2 Pumpkin Spice Bar - I love Pumkin Pie, so this soap is a natural for me. Beautiful lather, great smell and its available all year long!

And finally...

#1 Three Kings Bar - The lather and fragrance of this bar is just absolutely incredible. Containing Marigold, Frankincense and Myrrh, it is truly our most luxurious bar. The fact that it is only available at Holiday time, makes this soap all the more special for me.


So, those are my top ten favorites. I invite you try these and all the other varieties, and make your own Soap By Judy Top Ten List.


Happy Bathing,

Michael Aron õ¿õ¬
Chief Testing Officer
Soap By Judy





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